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Doing Good Is Good Business

Established in 1996, and having financed over 1.8million learners, Fundi is South Africa’s leading education finance and education fund management solution specialist. Positioned at the epicenter of technology, education and financial services, Fundi is the single source of all thing’s education and learning. At Fundi we understand the power of learning and provide financial solutions that enable dreams through a journey of lifelong learning.

By 2019, through a small CSI budget and employee contributions, Fundi was already making a significant impact through student bursaries, financial commitments to institutions as well as contributions to Bhuko Bhami Community Centre and Sibonile School for the Blind.

Doing Good is good business, and due to our ethos of doing more to enable more learning as well as being confronted by the challenges students face in getting access to education, Fundi made a strategic decision to establish Fundi Foundation as a long-term commitment to enabling education dreams and making an impactful difference in society. FundiFoundation is a universe of all things that enable education and learning for those who can’t help themselves.

FundiFoundation is managed by a board of trustees made up of management at Fundi, with financials audited by PWC. The fundraising initiatives at FundiFoundation fall under five pillars, namely R10GoesALongWay, Leaders4learners, 12for12, RebuildSA, Fundi Bursaries, Fundi Capital.

18A Certificate and Registration Documents:

Board of Trustees


Phumla Tshabalala

Managing Executive Lending

Mala Suriah

Fundi CMO

Lifa Magwentshu

Chief BEE Consultant - MSDF Group

Fulu Makwetla

CEO Third Way Investments